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Deadly Nightshades by Xyrus-02

Mesmerizing is a word that comes to mind when I see this, which compared to your varied repertoire of other pieces is quite different. Not only does it stand out among your own works, but also among others I have seen.

This being said, the piece's complexity of form is composed of many factors. The colours you use- black fading to grey fading to brown-gold fading to a bright gold- are evocative of a shining point of light in space. The slow fade that one would expect from one gradient to another is instead replaced by an almost refractive and jarring split, as if this is an image composed of multiple glassy reflections split apart. The effect of this composition is both shocking and wondrous.

The symmetry and asymmetry inherent in the piece also hides secrets. The outer band of swirls contain an array of almost accusatory eyes of light in an engorged and obtusely symmetrical gathering. This is offset by the inner area, which contains a sector of light patterns evocative of a flower opening to the world. The image that is sustained in the center is one of divine fire- like a wrathful solar deity shining light into the dark places of the world.

However, this inner area is seemingly bisected by a line of asymmetry, producing an interruption of the "flower" image. The overall effect of this is almost as jarring as the refractive boundaries that permeate the piece, yet here it does not flow and serves to confuse the viewer. The effect of this on the impact of the piece as a whole serves to weaken the overall image, which seems at odds with itself as whether to follow through with classic symmetry, or find some fey beauty in lines of asymmetrical nature.

Perhaps this confusion is intended in the relative chaos of the piece- fractals almost by definition defy order. The title used adds to the illustrative image of the flower, and whispers of the perhaps "deadly" secret that lies within the complexities of the image. The design and ability of the artist is apparent, and while the overall effect may be somewhat diminished, the fire laden flower we see beckons a sight never seen before.
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